Upcoming workshops in Vintage, Historical & Social Dance

JOIN ME IN ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA on JANUARY 3-7, 2018: A Ragtime/Jazz Age workshop focusing on improvisatory Lead/Follow skills, and beautifully organized by the Crystal Dragon Historical Dance Studio. Details on their facebook event page

VIENNESE NIGHTS: A Waltz Ball in San Diego On February 3, 2018 we will again experience the enchantment of a traditional Waltz Ball, celebrating the music and dances of the Strauss family and their contemporaries.  Come to Waltz & Such on Friday night Feb. 2 for practice, learn the basics and 3 mixers/progressive dances on Saturday afternoon, and enjoy the Ball on Saturday evening.  


CINCINNATI 35th ANNIVERSARY REUNION VINTAGE DANCE WEEK!  Returning to Cincinnati to rediscover the joys of historical dance was an absolute joy. Richard Powers, Margarita Marambio, Joel Plys and I had a fantastic time during the July 16 - 22 Vintage Dance Holiday. 
Participants can click HERE to access my dance descriptions and music for classes taught.
OPERA SAN JOSE SUMMER PROGRAM FOR SINGERS: teaching workshops on Baroque and 19th Century dance to Opera singers, July 10 & 11, 2017.

Click here for material taught at the 2015 Moscow Festival: Moscow 2015 
2014 classes taught in Moscow: Click HERE