Upcoming workshops in Vintage, Historical & Social Dance

NEXT UP: DAYTON HISTORICAL DANCE WEEK: June 18-24, 2018 Historical dancers of all vintages and skill levels come together to train with the top instructors in historic dance today. Music downloads and descriptions of dances taught are HERE

Join Izzie-Award-winning Catherine Turocy, Richard Powers, and Jennifer Meller as they take you from the Renaissance through Swin+g dance, with many stops in between, exploring the history of inprovisation, style, and creativity in executing these dances.  If you can't do all 4 days, there are partial packages.  I'll be assisting, as it is taking place at San Jose State Univ.


ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA on JANUARY 3-7, 2018: A Ragtime/Jazz Age workshop focusing on improvisatory Lead/Follow skills, and beautifully organized by the Crystal Dragon Historical Dance Studio. Click for details on their facebook event page 
Description of St. Petersburg classes taught HERE

VIENNESE NIGHTS: A Waltz Ball in San Diego On February 3, 2018 we will experience the enchantment of a traditional Waltz Ball, celebrating the music and dances of the Strauss family and their contemporaries.  Come to Waltz & Such on Friday night Feb. 2 for practice, learn the basics and 3 mixers/progressive dances on Saturday afternoon, and enjoy the Waltz Ball on Saturday evening.  

WEDNESDAY WALTZ ETCETERA in BOULDER, CO: March 28I'm teaching at the Avalon Ballroom from 7:00-8:00pm; stay around for sociable dancing to great music. Newcomers welcome!  No partner required.  $7 per person, includes lesson and refreshments.

Material taught at the 2015 Moscow Festival: Moscow 2015 
2014 classes taught in Moscow: Click HERE