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Tap Dance

TAP DANCE AT THE COLLEGE OF SAN MATEO: Tap is back after a long break, and we take over the dance floor every Monday at 7:45pm; first class on Jan. 23, 2023.  Apply to be a CSM student and then register for DANC 117.1 HERE

ADULT TAP DANCE AT DANCE CONNECTION: Although I a taking a semester off from teaching at Dance Connection, you can still join our classes at any time;  Thursdays at 7:00pm and Mondays at 7:15pm (Beginning/Intermediate level) 

Adult Basic (Beginning/Intermediate)  If you're an absolute beginner who has wanted to learn tap, or someone who wants to brush up their previously learned tap steps but never found the right class, this is the place for you.  Join us any time.

Click HERE for the Dance Connection website and more information.