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Vintage Dance

We are having a Bastille Day Bash on July 12th!  Lessons, DJ dancing with Jason, cake, decorations, and performances.  Here is the news about the lessons:

7:15pm Le Jazz: The American dance influence in Paris after The Great War is shown in this dance style.  Many Foxtrot steps were known as "jazz steps" in the early 1920s, and this class will focus on one set of jazz steps that are still useful when danced to today's Foxtrot music.  Beginners welcome!

8:05pm La Java: Danced in 3/4 time, this is a working class Mazurka, originally from the late 19th century, but found at many bals musette in the 1920s.  If you know any kind of waltz, this class is for you.  

Although regular weekly instruction in Vintage Dance is difficult to find, see my Workshops page for classes and weekend or weeklong workshops in Vintage and Social Dance styles.  

Also see my Contact page for information on helpful weekend private lessons taught in Palo Alto. 

Partial list of Vintage styles I teach:

19th CENTURY DANCE:  Waltz, Polka, Galop, Mazurka Waltz, Schottische, Quadrilles, and set dances

RAGTIME ERA DANCE: One Step/Castle Walk, Hesitation Waltz, Tango, Half & Half,  Texas Tommy, Foxtrot & Maxixe

DANCES OF THE JAZZ AGE: Charleston, Foxtrot, Tango, Blues, Samba, Toddle, Cross-Step Waltz, & The Peabody

DANCES OF THE SWING ERA: Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Shag, Shim-Sham, and Tap