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Vintage Dance

Although regular weekly instruction in Vintage Dance is difficult to find, ESPECIALLY during a pandemic, see my Workshops page for past classes and weekend or weeklong workshops in Vintage and Social Dance styles.  

UP NEXT: "DANCE THROUGH TIME" August 14-15 in Marin County: Beginning with Rennaissance dance on Saturday morning, and working our way up to the 20th Century, Richard Powers, Jen Meller, Catherine Turocy and I will be teaching vintage dances outdoors - and on Zoom - at the home of the Marin Ballet.  

Also see my Contact page for information on helpful weekend private lessons taught in Palo Alto. 

Partial list of Vintage styles I teach:

19th CENTURY DANCE:  Waltz, Polka, Galop, Mazurka Waltz, Schottische, Quadrilles, and set dances

RAGTIME ERA DANCE: One Step/Castle Walk, Hesitation Waltz, Tango, Half & Half,  Texas Tommy, Foxtrot & Maxixe

DANCES OF THE JAZZ AGE: Charleston, Foxtrot, Tango, Blues, Samba, Toddle, Cross-Step Waltz, & The Peabody

DANCES OF THE SWING ERA: Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Shag, Shim-Sham, and Tap